• Objective
    This is a graphic photomontage piece with 3d object attached to express the concept stronger. The concept of this work was a future advertisement for air pollution. I used grotesque images, textures, and illustrations to collage them to express the serious cause of air pollution for human beings in the future.  Also a real air tank and clear hose was attached to deliver serious causes realistically about breathing in the future.
    Concept story
    Fifty years ago people comfortably drank from the sink water and never had to worry about buying fresh water.  But how is it now? As time goes by Earth is being polluted and things change due to the following.  I think we are close to the generation where people would not be able to breath fresh air unless one buys a fresh tank of air like fresh bottle of water!  Therefore, to warn and to awake this issue of air pollution I have designed a future advertisement for fresh air.