The Roller Coaster Semester

  • Some mood-mind mapping
    My last semester at NID was quite a topsy-turvy one...I learnt everything from printing techniques to yakshagana theatre forms, went for a course to Bangalore, fell sick as soon as the semester started and had some intense science and liberal art classes.
    I reflected a lot and questioned many towards the end of the semester I tried to consolidate my experience into a sort of a mood graph instead of doing a usual course documentation.
  • The closed brochure.
    Each course is colour coded and the size of the course is proportional to the duration of the course.
  • The opening mechanism.
  • The mood graph; which indicates the ups and downs of each course and the semester.
    Here, i have tried to capture my personal thought process during each course.
  • Small details and important instances during the courses.
  • The full brochure.
    Each colour coded course has a corresponding timeline at the bottom which measures the time taken to finish the course work.