• Elna is a unification of fiber arts and lighting design from the collaboration of a fashion designer (Milan DelVecchio) and product designer (David Nebert). She is an organism, with light symbolizing her life force and organs, the knitted yarn her skin, the pole structures her skeleton.  She was constructed spontaneously and organically, seeming to reach and explore the space she inhabits. 
    During this summer of 2010 we developed our knitted lighting creation while also constructing the final installation space.
    The space itself will be utilized as a studio/creative space later on.  
    After constructing her, we spent several days documenting our work.  This documentation process ended with the deconstruction, and boxing up of this creation.  We divided her into two boxes, one for each of us, and she will remain apart until she is called on to be constructed again.  
    Please visit Elnaandei.com to find out more about her creation process.