Other Than

    Real Ideas Studio commissioned us to create the interstitials for their feature length documentary "Other Than".  The film gathered ten other documentary filmmakers from around the planet and asked each to create a segment about what it meant to be outside the norm.  The full feature is available at the Snag Films website. 
  • "Other Than" feature length documentary, 2012. 
    This is just a trailer to the film but each filmmaker has their own style and voice to create this melting pot.
  • From Dusty Studio's ongoing project "Animation Hotline", we were able to contribute 4 of the animations from our 2012 creations. Here they are in order of when they are viewed from the film.
  • Dachshund, Animation Hotline 2012 
    For all those lovers of the tiny canine, this micro animation is something you can relate to.
  • 10 Seconds, Animation Hotline 2012
    Can 10 seconds of silence be animated? take a look and see.
  • Bobby Joe, Animation Hotline 2012
    Kids can say the meanest things and no one likes a bully. here's one story someone retells of their childhood.
  • Jewish, Animation Hotline 2012
    Do you still have no idea what nationality, religion or believe you are or should follow? Neither do we.